• Parish Council Agendas and Minutes
    2019-03-25 Minutes LPC

    LPC Agenda May 2019

    DRAFT 2019-03-25 Minutes LPC

    2019-02-18 Minutes LPC

    2019-01-30 Minutes LPC

    2019-01-16 Minutes

                      2018-11-21 Annex 1
                      2018-11-21 Annex 2


    2018-02-08 Minutes

    2018-02-21 Minutes

    2018-03-21 Minutes

    2018-04-16 Minutes

    2018-05-23 AGM Minutes

    2018-08-16 Minutes

    2018-10-04 Minutes

    2018-10-18 Minutes
  • Freedom of Information
    FOI available from LPC under the model publication scheme Issue 2
  • Policies and Procedures
    Grievance Procedure_Issue1


    Complaints Procedure_Issue1

    Recording and Reporting Meetings Guidance

    Public Participation Guidance

    LPC FinRegs 2018 Issue 2

    STANDING ORDERS Nov 2018 Issue 4

    Social Media Policy

    Register of assets 2018-2019

    Vexatious complaints policy

    Viewing Council Docs

    Information Data Protection Policy 2018(1).pdf

    Management of Transferable Data Policy(1).pdf

    Document Retention and Disposal Policy(1) (1).pdf

    Retention of Documents - Appendix A List of Documents for Retention or Disposal (1).pdf

    Longcot Parish Council Privacy Notice(1).pdf

    Code of conduct adopted 1 July 2012.pdf

    Viewing Council Docs.pdf
  • Newsletters
    Faringdon NH newsletter May 2019

    Faringdon NH newsletter April 2019

    Faringdon NH newsletter March 2019

    Faringdon NH newsletter February 2019

    Faringdon NH newsletter January 2019

    Faringdon NH newsletter December 2018

    Faringdon NH newsletter Nov18

    Faringdon NH newsletter Oct 18
  • Finance
    Longcot Parish Council - Employers Liability Certificate 2018.pdf

    LPC unaudited accounts 20172018 1.pdf

    LPC unaudited accounts 20172018 2.pdf

    LPC unaudited accounts 20172018 3.pdf

    LPC unaudited accounts 20172018 4.pdf

    Analysis of variances 2017-2018.pdf

    Bank reconciliation ye 31-3-2018.pdf

    Internal Audit Report for the year ended 31 March 2018.pdf

    Draft Annual Return YE 31 March 2017.pdf

    PAPER 2 Audit Report - Longcot 2016-17.pdf

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